Original paper

Lamellaptychi from the Lower Cretaceous of south-east Spain (Murcia and Jaén provinces)

Vašíček, Zdeněk; Company, Miguel; Měchová, Lucie


This paper presents the results of a study of the aptychi collected from nine Lower Cretaceous sections belonging to the Subbetic Zone in SE Spain. The aptychi were collected together with stratigraphically significant Late Berriasian/Early Valanginian, Late Valanginian and Late Hauterivian ammonites. In this collection of aptychi, 18 species of three genera are identified; three species are new: Mortilletilamellaptychus undulatiformis n. sp., Thorolamellaptychus subangulatus n. sp., and Didayilamellaptychus praeangulatus n. sp.


lower cretaceousbetic cordilleraammonite zonationaptychi