Original paper

A late Oligocene (Egerian) flora from Környe, near Tatabánya, N Hungary

Hably, Lilla; Erdei, Boglárka; Selmeczi, Ildikó


In the course of the groundworks of the 'Környe Industrial Park' near Tatabánya (N Hungary), fossiliferous beds of the Oligocene Mány Formation were exposed. Sediments comprised abundant plant remains with typical Oligocene species, such as “Rhamnus” warthae, Alnus oligocaenica accompanied by elements thriving in humid habitats, e.g. the fern Pronephrium stiriacum in large quantities, and the conifer Glyptostrobus europaeus. The majority of angiosperms, such as Mastixia amygdalaeformis vel Nyssa sp., Quercus rhenana and two predominant taxa, “Rhamnus” warthae and Alnus oligocaenica, which are characteristic of Egerian floras, indicate wetland environment. The floristic composition suggests intrazonal, edaphic vegetation.


hungaryegerianlate oligocenefossil plants