Original paper

A new Albian hermit crab (Anomura, Paguroidea) from France – another example of capsulated setae in an extinct form

Fraaije, René H.B.; van Bakel, Barry W.M.; Jagt, John W.M.


On the basis of an isolated right cheliped, preserving carpus and dactylus, a new pagurid, Capsulapagurus brocheti n. sp., is described from the lower Albian (Lower Cretaceous) of Laneuville-au-Pont (Haute-Marne, northeast France). This constitutes the second example of capsulated setae from the fossil record, the previous one pertaining to C. christiaensi Fraaije, Van Bakel, Iserbyt & Jagt, 2011 from the same area and stratigraphic level. In the new species, the capsulated setae are confined to the posterodorsal part of the propodus. A list of all cheliped-based, extinct species of Pagurus(sensu lato) is added; all these records have been assessed for the presence of capsulated setae. With the possible exception of Pagurus malloryi Schweitzer & Feldmann, 2001, from the lower Oligocene of western North America, none have been found. However, eight extant species of Pagurus, all from the Indo-West Pacific, are here transferred to Capsulapagurus, thus considerably extending the range of the genus from the lower Albian to the present day.


range extensioneuropereassignmentnew specieslower cretaceousindo-west pacific