Original paper

New Carnian (Upper Triassic) radiolarians from the Sorgun Ophiolitic Mélange, southern Turkey

Ozsvárt, Péter; Moix, Patrice; Kozur, Heinz W.


The lower Tuvalian sequence of the Sorgun Ophiolitic Mélange (S Turkey) harbors one of the most diverse and best preserved Late Triassic (Carnian) radiolarian faunas of the world. Here we describe a new genus (Spinostylosphaera n. gen.) and 7 new species from the Tavusçayırı block north of Erdemili. The fauna belongs to the Spongotortilispinus moixi radiolarian Zone (Paragondolella postinclinata – Paragondolella noah conodont zone).


carniansorgun ophiolitic mélangeentactinariaspumellariaearly tuvalianradiolariasouthern turkey