Original paper

Prey content in a Saurichthys reveals the presence of advanced halecomorph fishes in the Middle Triassic of Monte San Giorgio

Renesto, Silvio; Stockar, Rudolf


Fine preparation of a specimen of Saurichthys curionii from the Cassina beds (early La- dinian) of Monte San Giorgio exposed stomach content of difficult interpretation. UV investigation revealed it consists of several preys: a smaller specimen of Saurichthys, and at least four other fishes, with scale covering reduced to a small area of the body or even completely scaleless and with a vertebral column made up by thin, ring-like centra that surrounded a persistent notochord. These prey items testify the presence of new species of advanced Halecomorphi in the Monte San Giorgio fossil ichthyofauna.


stomach contentfishesladiniantriassichalecomorphi