Original paper

Middle Famennian (Late Devonian) ammonoids from the Anti-Atlas of Morocco. 2. Sporadoceratidae

Korn, Dieter; Bockwinkel, Jürgen; Ebbighausen, Volker


Sporadoceratid ammonoids are important middle Famennian goniatites in the Anti-Atlas of Morocco and the Saoura Valley of Algeria. Based on conch morphology, conch ontogeny, suture line and ornament, seven species can be separated which occur in six successive ammonoid zones. Sporadoceras, Felisporadoceras, Ungusporadoceras and Erfoudites can be used as supplementary tools to achieve a goniatite-based biozonation, best shown in sections in the Anti-Atlas of Morocco. Species of these genera show little intraspecific variability but usually long stratigraphical ranges. The new genus Ungusporadoceras and the new species Sporadoceras conforme, Felisporadoceras nautilus and Ungusporadoceras unguiforme are described. Sporadoceras muensteri (von Buch, 1832) is revised.


ontogenymorphometricsmoroccobiostratigraphyammonoidealate devonian