Original paper

Revision of the poorly known Middle Miocene freshwater fish fauna from Beuern (Hesse, Germany)

Gaudant, Jean


Examination of the fossil fishes from the Middle Miocene freshwater diatomite of Beuern (Hessen, Germany) has shown that the determinations made by Weitzel (1933) were erroneous. Firstly, the occurrence of a cyprinid was correctly recognized, although the fishes really belong to the genus Palaeocarassius Obrhelová, instead of Cyprinus linnaeus. Secondly, the skeletons referred to the cottids are really umbrids, which are late representatives of the genus Palaeoesox Voigt. They are here described as Palaeoesox cf. perpusillus (agassiz). Finally, the name Esox lepidotus agassiz had been incorrectly given to a member of the channids, a tropical African and Asiatic family, which has already been reported from the Lower and Middle Miocene of Western Europe. The channids from Beuern are described as Parachanna vel Channa sp.


middle miocenefreshwaterfishescyprinidaemaarteleostsumbridaegermanychannidae