Original paper

Colobodus giganteus (Beltan, 1972) comb. nov. from the Upper Muschelkalk facies of Catalonia (NE Iberian Peninsula)

Cartanyà, Joan; Fortuny, Josep; Bolet, Arnau; Mutter, Raoul Jossua


A new Triassic actinopterygian specimen including the skull and the anterior portion of the squamation is described. The specimen represents the first find of a colobodontid from the Muschelkalk of Odèn locality (Pyrenean Basin, NE Iberian Peninsula). Although fragmentarily preserved in part and counterpart, the specimen shows considerable morphological details and fine preservation of bone structure. Comparisons to several well-known species of Colobodus AgAssiz, 1844 and Crenilepis Dames, 1888 from the Middle Triassic of the Besano Formation (northern Italy and southern Switzerland) and two specimens from Alcover outcrops (Catalonian Basin, NE Iberian Peninsula) previously assigned to Perleidus giganteus Beltan, 1972 enables a taxonomical re-assessment of Iberian colobodontids. The three specimens from the Iberian Peninsula are transferred to the genus Colobodus and re-named as Colobodus giganteus (Beltan, 1972) comb. nov. This taxon is the largest within the genus Colobodus and it is characterized by three diagnostic features: the series of supraorbitals, with more numerous and small ossifications in comparison with the rest of Colobodus species; the branchiostegal rays, more slender than in C. bassanii; and the teeth on the jaw margins not as well developed as in all other species of Colobodus, despite its considerable size.