Original paper

The ammonite genus Cadoceras (Cardioceratidae) in the Lower Callovian (Middle Jurassic) of the Swabian Alb and the Wutach area (Southern Germany)

Mitta, Vasily V.; Dietl, Gerd; Callomon, John H.; Schweigert, Günter; Dietze, Volker


Species of the genus Cadoceras from the basal Callovian of Southern Germany (Swabian Alb and Wutach area), C. quenstedtiforme sp. nov., C. suevicum Callomon & Dietl, and C. wutachensesp. nov., are described and figured. These species are the index species of the faunal horizons that were previously referred to as quenstedti, suevicum α and suevicum β horizons. Cadoceras sp. nov. (aff.quenstedtiforme) from the keppleri horizon and Cadoceras spp. from the megalocephalus horizon are described based on isolated occurrences. The holotype of "Cadoceras" quenstedti Spath is referred to the genus Bullatimorphites of the family Tulitidae.


bullatimorphitescardioceratidaetulitidaecadocerassouthern germanyammonoideabiostratigraphylower callovianmiddle jurassic