Original paper

Acidorhynchus Stensiö, 1925 or Saurorhynchus Reis, 1892: how to call the Jurassic saurichthyid?

Kogan, Ilja


Jurassic representatives of the Early Mesozoic actinopterygian family Saurichthyidae are usually placed into one genus at the exclusion of all earlier saurichthyids. Until recently, it remained unclear whether Acidorhynchus Stensiö, 1925 or Saurorhynchus Reis, 1892 (non Münster, 1840) should be used to denominate this probably monophyletic group of species. A review of the original literature and the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature provides justification for the priority of Saurorhynchus Reis, 1892, which has already been adopted in most recent publications.


gymnosaurichthysnomenclaturenomen oblitumnomen nudumtaxonomystylorhynchyssaurichthyiformesbelonorhynchussaurichthyidae