Original paper

New data on Selaginellites coburgensis from the Rhaetian of Wüstenwelsberg (Upper Franconia, Germany)

van Konijnenburg-van Cittert, Johanna H.A.; Kustatscher, Evelyn; Pott, Christian; Schmeissner, Stefan; Dütsch, Günter; Krings, Michael


A branched shoot with several attached microsporangiate strobili of the Rhaetian (late Triassic) herbaceous lycophyte Selaginellites coburgensis is described from Wüstenwelsberg near Coburg, Germany, the locus typicus of the species. The strobili all contain Uvaesporites-type microspores, precisely as the single, detached strobilus fragment found in association with one of the original specimens.


selaginellaleslycophytesin situ microsporeslate triassic