Original paper

Soft-bodied annelids (Oligochaeta) from the Lower Cretaceous (La Huérguina Formation) of the Las Hoyas Konservat-Lagerstätte, Spain

Timm, Tarmo; Vinn, Olev; Buscalioni, Ángela D.


The Las Hoyas Lagerstätte in Spain contains the oldest known fossils of aquatic oligochaete worms. These exceptionally well preserved worms indicate a highly diversified association of worms composed of several members of the family Tubificidae, putative species of the terrestrial Enchytraeidae, and probably the roundworm nematode Mermithidae. This indicates that the Tubificidae appeared at least by the Upper Barremian period in southwestern Europe. The life habits of modern tubificids suggest that these oligochaetes would likely have been washed into ponds by stream currents or rainwater and buried in the anoxic or toxic sediment of the wetland.


barremiantubificidaeroundwormsearthwormsspainsoft-bodied preservation