Original paper

Regurgitalite from the Silurian of Holy Cross Mountains, southern Poland

Brachaniec, Tomasz; Leko, Katarzyna; Wieczorek, Anna


In this paper we document a regurgitalite from the Silurian (Ludlow) of the Holy Cross Mountains, southern Poland. It consists of a packed accumulation of fragmented and intermingled angular and non-abraded mollusc, brachiopod and crinoid remains. We suggest that this accumula- tion represents the fossilized relic of a vomit most likely regurgitated by a nautiloid. Such a piece of evidence of predation is rarely documented in pre-Carboniferous marine sediments. Following the end-Devonian Hangenberg extinction increased diversity of durophagous predators linked with a major changeover in the primary method of fish predation from shearing to crushing occurred.


silurianinvertebratesholy crosspolandpredationregurgitalite