Original paper

Pliocene vertebrates from Ivanovce and Hajnáčka (Slovakia). X. Cervidae

Fejfar, Oldřich; Heintz, Émile; Ďurišová, Anna; Sabol, Martin


The fossil record of cervids from Ivanovce (late Ruscinian, MN 15b) and Hajnáčka (early Villanyian, MN 16a) is described and discussed from taxonomical and ecological viewpoints. The ocurrence of large cervids (cf. Arvernoceros ardei seu "Cervus "perrieri) is similar at these primate Pliocene sites. However, both sites differ one another by the presence of Muntiacus cf.polonicus, Metacervocerus pardinensis and Croizetoceros ramosus in Hajnáčka, and by the presence of Procapreolus sp. in Ivanovce. The situation cannot be explained simply by paleoecology, because the paleoenvironmental conditions were quite comparable as shown by corresponding occurrence of amphibians (anurans), mastodons and tapirs. Both sites represent humid forest belts, around a maar lake in Hajnáčka or along a broad river valley with a karstified limestone massif in Ivanovce. The both areas were probably surrounded by an open drier habitat in higher elevations.


cervidaeearly villanyian (mn 16a)ivanovcehajnáčkaslovakialate ruscinian (mn 15b)pliocene