Original paper

Oxfordian cryptic fauna from the neptunian dikes of Poland

Trzęsiok, Dawid R.; Wieczorek, Anna; Brachaniec, Tomasz; Leśko, Katarzyna; Brom, Krzysztof R.; Skreczko, Sylwia


In this paper we document Late Jurassic (Oxfordian) fauna found in neptunian dikes in southern Poland (Wysoka Quarry). Among documented taxa, autochthonous cyrtocrinid crinoids belonging to Eugeniacrinites and represented by in-situ preserved holdfasts associated with well-preserved and articulated cups, and stem parts were recorded. Other elements fauna in the dikes infills are likely allochthonous and include brachiopods, ammonites, belemnites, sponges, annelids and bi-valves. Our data suggest that submarine cryptic palaeoenvironments were inhabited more frequently by Mesozoic crinoids than previously thought.


submarine cave systemechinodermsneptunian dikesoxfordianjurassicpoland