Original paper

Helius anetae sp. nov. (Diptera: Limoniidae), a new representative of the genus from the Eocene Baltic amber

Kania, Iwona; Wojtoń, Maciej; Kopeć, Katarzyna; Owsiak, Alina; Jordan, Wiktoria


A new species of the genus Helius, H. anetae Kania & Kopeć, is described from Baltic amber. The distinctive features of this new species are the ratio between the lengths of rostrum, palpus, antenna and head, as well as the character of wing venation, especially the position of the vein Rs situated in front of half of the length of the wing, and the cross-vein m-cu situated behind half of the length of d-cell from the bifurcation of Mb. A comparison with its closest fossil relatives is provided. Morphological patterns and aspects of the evolution of the genus Helius are discussed.


new speciesfossilscrane-fliestaxonomymorphologyevolutionary history aspects