Original paper

The last representatives of the late Famennian posttornoceratid ammonoids in Central Europe

Korn, Dieter; Bartzsch, Konrad; Weyer, Dieter


The late Famennian posttornoceratid ammonoids (subfamilies Posttornoceratinae and Dis- coclymeniinae) play only a subordinate role, both in species and specimen numbers in the ammonoid assemblages of Central Europe. They represent the last members of a long-lived evolutionary lineage with a rather conservative morphology except for the suture lines. The new genus Ebbighausenitesand a new species Discoclymenia orientalis are described; Posttornoceras posthumum (Wedekind, 1918), Ebbighausenites contiguus (Münster, 1832), Ebbighausenites seidlitzi (Schindewolf, 1924 ) and Discoclymenia cucullata (v. Buch, 1839) are revised.


extinctionbiostratigraphyammonoideacentral europelate devonian