Original paper

The late Famennian tornoceratid ammonoids in the Anti-Atlas of Morocco

Korn, Dieter; Bockwinkel, Jürgen; Ebbighausen, Volker


Species of the families Tornoceratidae (genus Gundolficeras) and Posttornoceratidae (genera Posttornoceras, Ebbighausenites, Discoclymenia, and Alpinites) are occasionally frequently oc- curring late Famennian goniatites in the Anti-Atlas of Morocco. Based on conch morphology, conch ontogeny, suture line and ornament, five species can be separated, which occur in the lower part of the traditional "Clymenia Stufe". The new speciesPosttornoceras janae and Discoclymenia atlantea are described and compared with time equivalent Central European species.


biostratigraphylate devonianammonoideamoroccoontogenymorphometrics