Original paper

Phyletic relationships among Alloceratites species from the upper Erfurt Formation of Thuringia (Late Ladinian, Germany) and from the Early Ladinian of Recoaro (Italy) and Toulon (France)

Urlichs, Max


Alloceratites schmidi, Austroceratites tornquisti and A. toulonensis are revised. Austroceratites is a younger subjective synonym of Alloceratites. A. schmidi from the Grenzdolomit/uppermost Lettenkeuper, Late Ladinian of Thuringia is regarded as a descendent of A. tornquisti originally described from the "Nodosus Beds"/Early Ladinian of the Recoaro area/Vicenza, Italy.


thuringiaaustroceratitesammonoideavicenzaalloceratitestriassicladinianlettenkeuperprovencerevisionupper muschelkalkerfurt formation