Original paper

First record of the Early Devonian ammonoid Teicherticeras from the Eifel (Germany): biogeographic and biostratigraphic importance

Übelacker, Christof; Jansen, Ulrich; De Baets, Kenneth


We herein report the discovery of Teicherticeras cf.teicherti in the lower Emsian of the Eifel region (Germany), which is important for the correlation of the neritic Rhenish facies and the hemipelagic Hercynian facies as well as the alignment of regional brachiopod biozonation with global ammonoid biostratigraphy. The specimens are similar in morphology and ornamentation to early Teicherticeras species like T. senior and particularly T. teicherti. The temporal overlap of Anetoceras and Teicherticeras indicates a correlation of the Neichnerberg Formation with the upper part of the Praecursor Zone and lower part of the Barrandei Zone. Interestingly, Teicherticeras is also more widely distributed than Anetoceras, which might be related with its better dispersal capabilities and/or sampling biases against Anetoceratinae.


devonianrhenish mountainsbiogeographyemsianammonoideateicherticeratidaebiostratigraphy