Original paper

Brachyura from the Lower Cretaceous (Aptian) of Spain: A new species of Rathbunopon (Homolodromioidea, Prosopidae) and the second record of Mithracites vectensis (Homoloidea)

González-León, Oscar; Ossó, Àlex; Moreno-Bedmar, Josep A.; Vega, Francisco J.


A new species of Prosopidae, Rathbunopon viai n. sp., is herein described, based on two specimens collected from lower Aptian deposits of Cuchía, Northern Spain. Examination of this new material allows us to garner a better understanding of the phylogeny and systematics of this genus during the Early Cretaceous. Additionally, the second occurrence of Mithracites vectensis (Homoloidea) is reported here from Aptian deposits in La Tejería de Josa, Southern, Spain.