Original paper

First evidence of in situ rhabdopleurids (Pterobranchia, Hemichordata) from the Lower Jurassic of Southern Germany

Keupp, Helmut; Doppelstein, Bernd; Maletz, Jörg


Branched stolon systems of a presumed rhabdopleurid graptolite are described from the late Pliensbachian Amaltheenton Formation of a clay pit south of Buttenheim (Oberfranken, Southern Germany). They had encrusted the surface of calcareous nodules during a temporary phase of condensation or non-sedimentation. Similar fragments of isolated stolonal remains have been interpreted in the past as hydrozoans. The new findings are not chemically isolated from the sediment, but still preserved in situ and represent the first rhabdopleurid record from the Early Jurassic.


buttenheimhemichordatarhabdopleuridsearly jurassic