Original paper

The phacopid trilobites Austerops McKellar & Chatterton, 2009, Hottonops gen. nov. and Loreleiops gen. nov. from the Devonian of the Ardenno-Rhenish Mountains

van Viersen, Allart P.; Taghon, Peter; Magrean, Benedikt


Phacopids with reduced sculpture are recorded from Emsian to Givetian strata in the Ardenno-Rhenish Mountains and Brittany. Austerops couvinensis sp. nov. and Austerops hottonensis sp. nov. are described from Eifelian strata in the Ardennes and represent the first known occurrences of members of this genus outside Gondwana. Loreleiops suffeleersi gen. & sp. nov. and Hottonops daumeriesi gen. & sp. nov. are recorded from Eifelian strata in the Ardennes. Pedinopariops simulator Basse, 1998 and Pedinopariops hoelleri van Viersen, Prescher & Savelsbergh, 2009, from the Givetian and Eifelian (respectively) in the Rhenish Mountains, are transferred to Loreleiops gen. nov. Austerops cf. menchikoffi (le Maître, 1952) is reported from the Emsian of Brittany, confirming the occurrence of this genus in peri-Gondwana.