Original paper

Calappa damarcoi n. sp. (Crustacea, Brachyura, Calappidae) from the early Oligocene of the Ligure Piemontese Basin, Piedmont (NW Italy)

Pasini, Giovanni; Garassino, Alessandro


A new species of Calappa, C. damarcoi n. sp. (Calappidae De Haan, 1833), is described based on a single specimen from the Rupelian (early Oligocene) of Rio Caramagna, Cassinelle (Alessandria, Piedmont, NW Italy). This new record represents the oldest fossil species for this genus from the circum-Mediterranean area, Oligocene in age, thus increasing notably the knowledge on the presence and distribution of the genus in the Tethys Sea.


nw italydecapodaearly oligocenecalappidaebrachyura