Original paper

First record of the Cenomanian (Cretaceous) ammonite Pachydesmoceras maroccanum from North America

Sealey, Paul L.; Lucas, Spencer G.


A single specimen of Pachydesmoceras maroccanum Collignon was recovered from the middle Cenomanian Acanthoceras amphibolum Zone in the Paguate Member of the Dakota Formation in Sandoval County, New Mexico. Previous to this report, P. maroccanum was only known from the Cenomanian of the Tarfaya Basin in Morocco. The New Mexican specimen is the first known occurrence of P. maroccanum in North America, with only a few occurrences of Pachydesmoceras reported from the continent. It is also the first Cenomanian record of the genus from North America and indicates a trans-Atlantic migration of P. maroccanum.


cenomaniandakota formationpaguate memberusanorth americapachydesmoceras maroccanum