Original paper

A new genus of slipper lobster (Crustacea: Decapoda: Scyllaridae) from the Eocene of California and Oregon (USA)

Nyborg, Torrey; Garassino, Alessandro


Parribacus caesius Squires, 2001 was described from the Eocene of the Llajas Formation, California, based upon one specimen. Two additional specimens, one from the Llajas Formation and one from the early Eocene Lookingglass Formation, Oregon, allow revision of this species. Differences from the studied fossil specimens with Parribacus and with the other fossil and extant species within the Scyllaridae Latreille, 1825 warrant establishment of a new genus, Llajassus, with Llajassus caesius (Squires, 2001) nov. comb. Extant Scyllaridae Latreille, 1825 have a worldwide distribution whereas the fossil record in comparison is rather small. Llajassus is the only known fossil record of Scyllaridae from the Northeastern Pacific and with only three representative specimens is also rare in the associated crab faunas of the Llajas and Lookingglass formations.