Original paper

First occurrence of the rare genus Adelpharctos (Mammalia, Carnivora) in the late Oligocene locality of Rickenbach (Switzerland)

de Bonis, Louis; Mennecart, Bastien


The fossil bearing locality Rickenbach (Switzerland) is the standard site for MP29 in the European Land Mammal Ages scale. A large part of the fauna has been recently revised but the Carnivora were only known under generic names. Undescribed new material from the Naturmuseum Museum of Olten (Switzerland) has been compared to other Oligocene Carnivora and identified as Adelpharctos mirus (Ursidae). These new discoveries help to reinterpret the Cephalogale sp. 1 of Helbing (1928). This species, previously only known in the undated old "Phosphorites du Quercy" collections, is for the first time recognized out of France and it has been dated to the latest Oligocene (MP29), which is close in age to its slightly smaller and older relative Adelpharctos ginsburgi (MP 28) from the southwest of France. Thus the range of the genus is geographically enlarged as well as its range through the time from MP28 to MP29. The presence of A. mirus in Rickenbach allows some remarks on the palaeoenvironment to be made.


europebiogeographysystematicshemicyoninaemp 29teeth