Original paper

Biskolites iactans gen. et sp. nov. from the Cambrian of the Czech Republic (Hyolitha, Skryje-Týřovice Basin)

Valent, Martin; Fatka, Oldřich; Marek, Ladislav


The hyolith Biskolites iactans gen. et sp. nov. of the family Carinolithidae Valent et al., 2011 is described from the lower stratigraphic levels of the mid-Cambrian (Drumian) Buchava For- mation of the Skryje-Týřovice Basin in the Barrandian area of the Czech Republic. This new taxon is based on excellently preserved external and internal moulds of the operculum and conch collected from carbonate nodules and shale.


czech republiccambrian series 3hyolithabarrandian areabiskolitesdrumianskryje-týřovice basin