Original paper

The late Famennian ammonoid succession in the vicinity of Béni Abbès (Saoura Valley, Algeria)

Korn, Dieter; Malti, Fatima Zohara; Benyoucef, Madani; Bockwinkel, Jürgen; Ebbighausen, Volker


The late Famennian ammonoid succession in the Saoura Valley of western Algeria is char- acterized by rather clearly separated assemblages. From bottom to top, four distinct assemblages can be defined, the Gonioclymenia, Medioclymenia, Cymaclymenia lambidia and Wocklumeria assem- blage. The ammonoids show close relationships with time equivalent occurrences of the Anti-Atlas of Morocco. The following new species are described: Mimimitoceras callumbilicum, Muessenbiaergia ouarouroutensis, Muessenbiaergia beniabbesensis, Linguaclymenia phillipsi, Medioclymenia saourensis, Cyrtoclymenia nodifera, and Biloclymenia australis.


biostratigraphyammonoideaontogenyalgerialate devonianmorphometrics