Original paper

A new Upper Oligocene flora from Tarján (Gerecse Mts, NW Hungary)

Hably, Lilla; Selmeczi, Ildikó; Babinszki, Edit


The clayey silt beds in the sand-sandstone succession exposed in Tarján (N Transdanubia) have yielded plant remains. The Upper Oligocene succession belongs to the Mány Member of the Törökbálint Formation. The flora contains the characteristic elements of the Hungarian Egerian. In the mixed-mesophytic forest broad-leaved deciduous as well as evergreen elements existed. Platanus neptuni, Engelhardia orsbergensis as well as Daphnogene cinnamomifolia with some other Lauraceae were the dominant elements in these forests. In the riparian areas Ulmus pyramidalis occurred; it was the most common element of the riverside areas in the early and middle periods of the Egerian (approximately in the middle and late periods of the Chattian). Wetland elements are underrepresented, only with Alnus oligocaenica .


egerianhungarylate oligocenefossil plants