Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie - Abhandlungen - Band 226

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Heft 1

Heft 1

Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie - Abhandlungen Band 226 Heft 1

2002. 144 pages, 16x23cm, 330 g
Language: English

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Original paper

Diatoms from the syn-rift Neogene - Quaternary sediments of the NW Red Sea Coast, Egypt

Zalat, Abdelfattah A.

p. 1-24, published: Oct 10, 2002
10 figures

ArtNo. ESP155022601001 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/njgpa/226/2002/1

Original paper

Facies analysis and sequence stratigraphy of an Upper Cretaceous carbonate platform (western South-Pyrenean Basin, Spain)

Alegret, Laia; Aurell, Marcos

p. 25-41, published: Oct 10, 2002
7 figures

ArtNo. ESP155022601002 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/njgpa/226/2002/25

Original paper

Palaeorissoinidae, a new family of marine and brackish water Rissooidea (Gastropoda, Littorinimorpha)

Gründel, Joachim; Kowalke, Thorsten

p. 43-57, published: Oct 10, 2002
11 figures

ArtNo. ESP155022601003 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/njgpa/226/2002/43

Original paper

Observations on Triassic ichthyosaurs. Part IX. The first associated skeletal remains of Merriamosaurus n.g. (Ichthyosauria, Lower Triassic) and their bearing on the systematic position of the Omphalosauria

Maisch, Michael W.; Matzke, Andreas T.

p. 59-94, published: Oct 10, 2002
8 figures

ArtNo. ESP155022601004 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/njgpa/226/2002/59

Original paper

Structural geomorphology and neotectonics of the Qina - Safaja district, Egypt

Akawy, Ahmed

p. 95-130, published: Oct 10, 2002
11 figures, 4 tables

ArtNo. ESP155022601005 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/njgpa/226/2002/95

Original paper

Chemisch-petrographische Untersuchungen einer „kohligen“ Zwischenlage in den Kirchberger Schichten des Hochsträß (Schwäbische Alb, SW-Deutschland)

[Chemical-petrographical analyses of a carbonaceous intercalation in Kirchberg Beds of Hochsträß (Swabian Alb, SW-Germany)]

Baier, Johannes; Then, Rolf; Hofmann, Franz

p. 131-143, published: Oct 10, 2002
3 figures, 2 tables

ArtNo. ESP155022601006 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/njgpa/226/2002/131

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