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Mineralogical investigations and chemical equilibrium calculations on the hazardous waste landfill of Raindorf/Germany

Gade, B.; Riedmiller, J.; Westermann, H.; Heindl, A.; Pöllmann, H.

Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie - Abhandlungen Band 174 Heft 3 (1999), p. 249 - 275

22 references

published: May 26, 1999

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Mineralogical determinations and chemical equilibrium calculations in a waste body composed of slags from hazardous waste incineration, electroplating sludges, pre-mixed waste for landfill, waste water purification sludges were performed. Different drillings over a period of 3 years in open waste cassettes and waste cassettes in a hall were investigated. The development of mineralogical and chemical reactions in the waste body can be followed very detailed. All chemical and mineralogical data were determined from incoming waste, the leachate produced in the landfill and the resulting mineral residues. Also chemical equilibrium calculations for open and closed systems on the waste body were performed. The development of the waste body shows primary washing out effects of Na, K, Cl, and SO42- and an increasing fixation of heavy metals in new formed minerals.


Hazardous wastelandfillequilibrium calculationsslag mineralsheavy metal fixationleachate