Original paper

Origin, evolution and radiometric dating of subophiolitic metamorphic rocks from the Koziakas ophiolite (W. Thessaly, Greece)

Pomonis, P.; Tsikouras, B.; Hatzipanagiotou, K.


The Koziakas ophiolitic complex is part of the western Greek ophiolitic zone of the Mesozoic Tethyan orogenic belt. Amphibolites and metasedimentary rocks that represent a sub-ophiolitic metamorphic sole underlie it. The amphibolites include MORB-type protoliths with IAT influence, suggesting a back-arc basin environment for their origin. Two amphibole K-Ar radiometric dates of the sub-ophiolitic metamorphic sole of the Koziakas ophiolite yielded ages of 174 ± 3 Ma and 161 ± 1Ma. These ages are similar to those reported from the adjacent Pindos, Vourinos and Othrys ophiolitic complexes. Geothermobarometric calculations showed that the metamorphic evolution of the amphibolites occurred at around 530-650 °C and 5-7 kbars.


ophioliteamphibolitemetamorphic soleradiometric ageback-arc basinkoziakasgreece