Original paper

Exploratory studies of element substitutions in synthetic tetrahedrite. Part V.Mercurian tetrahedrite

Karup-Møller, Sven; Makovicky, Emil


Thirty-one tetrahedrite charges were weighed out in the system Cu12Sb4S13– Cu14Sb4S13–Cu10Hg2Sb4S13, analysed by means of microprobe and the a parameter determined in a Guinier HÄag camera. For Cu-poor tetrahedrites a = 0.096 Hg (p.f.u.) + 10.325Å and for Cu-rich tetrahedrites a = 0.032 Hg (p.f.u.) + 10.448Å. Up to ≈0.5 Hg p.f.u., low temperature exsolution into Cu-poor and a Cu-rich tetrahedrite takes place, above this value the field of Hg-tetrahedrite remains homogeneous. The resulting a value for Cu10Hg2Sb4S13 is 10.515(2)Å.