Original paper

Occurrence of Petrukite in Srebrenica Orefield, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Radosavljevic, Slobodan A.; Rakic, Slobodan M.; Stojanovic, Jovica N.; Radosavljevic-Mihajlovic, Ana S.


The mineral petrukite of stannite-like composition but different structure from Srebrenica orefield in eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been investigated. This mineral occurs in greisen-bordered sulphide veins in quartz-tourmaline rocks, which are almost completely replaced by a mean-temperature lead-antimony mineral paragenesis. The reflected light colour is brown-yellow. This mineral has a microhardness (VHN100) between 316 and 330 kp/mm2. Results of an electron-microprobe analysis gave the average formula (Cu1.96, Fe0.98, Zn0.09, Ag0.01)Σ3.04(Sn0.94, In0.02)Σ0.96, S3.99. The strongest reflections in the X-ray powder pattern [d (in Å)(I)] are: 3.124(100), 1.918(45), and 1.636(22). Orthorhombic unit cell parameters are: a = 7.677(4); b = 6.442(6); c = 6.264(3) Å; V = 309.8(3) Å3.


petrukitecu–fe–sn–s sulphosaltsgreisensrebrenica orefieldbosnia and herzegovina