Original paper

Kinoshitalite with a high magnesium content in sulphide-rich marbles from the Rozna uranium deposit, Western Moravia, Czech Republic

Doležalová, Hana; Houzar, Stanislav; Losos, Zdeněk; Škoda, Radek


Ba-micas including magnesian kinoshitalite (XMg ≥0.99) were found in sulphide-rich dolomite marbles at the Rožná uranium deposit, Moldanubicum, Czech Republic. The Ba-micas (phlogopite with Ba >0.280 apfu and kinoshitalite with Ba from 0.869 to 1.244 apfu) are Mn, Fe and Ti-poor in comparison to other Ba-micas described up to date. The main substitution mechanism in Ba-micas is (Ba2+,Ca2+)(Al3+)(K+,Na+)−1 Si4+−1. The relatively high content of Mn in silicates and carbonates from the host marble is in contrast to the chemistry of Ba-micas. Barium and manganese show distinct behaviour during metamorphism. Manganese and iron were probably partitioned to metamorphic sphalerite and pyrrhotite relative to (Mn, Fe)-poor Ba-micas. Barium concentrated in mica minerals and the system was evidently Ba-depleted in late stages.


kinoshitaliteba-micassphaleritemarblerozna uranium depositmoldanubicumbohemian massifczech republic