Original paper

Structural investigations of the olivine type thiogermanates Mn2xTxGeS4 (T = Fe, Co, Ni, Cd)

Haeuseler, Hartmut; Wagener, Michael; Zhang, Junyu


Single phase powder samples of the compositions MnTGeS4 with T = Fe, Co, Ni, and Cd have been prepared and characterized by X-ray diffraction. All four compounds crystallize in the olivine type. Single crystals obtained from these powder samples by recrystallization with iodine had the compositions Mn1.2Fe0.8GeS4, Mn1.8Co0.2GeS4, Mn1.8Ni0.2GeS4, and Mn1.1Cd0.9GeS4. The crystal structures of the compounds have been determined from single crystal X-ray diffraction data. The distribution coefficients KD for the partition of the cations over the octahedral 4a and 4c sites of the olivine structure are given. Fe, and Co are found mainly, Ni nearly complete in the smaller 4a site while Cd occupies predominantly the bigger 4c site.


thiogermanateolivine-typecation distributioncrystal structurex-ray diffractionmncdges4