Original paper

Geochemistry of metabasites in the north of the Shahrekord, Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone, Iran

Davoudian, Ali Reza; Khalili, Mahmood; Noorbehsht, Iraj; Dachs, Edgar; Genser, Johann; Shabanian, Nahid


Metabasites are exposed in the north of Shahrekord that is a part of the structural zone of Sanandaj-Sirjan in south-western Iran. The metabasites are composed mainly of eclogites, amphibolites and garnet amphibolites. We have conducted a geochemical study of metabasites in order to determine their protolith nature and geodynamic setting. The whole rock chemistry indicates a basalt to basaltic andesite composition for the metabasites. Our geochemical investigation strongly suggests that the metabasites are derived from tholeiitic basalt and were emplaced in a MORB tectonic setting.


metabasitegeochemistrymorbsanandaj-sirjan zoneiran