Original paper

The hydroxylated nickel carbonates otwayite and paraotwayite a SEM, EDX and vibrational spectroscopic study

Frost, Ray L.; Weier, Matt L.; Martens, Wayde N.; Mills, Stuart J.


The two basic nickel carbonate minerals otwayite and paraotwayite have been studied by scanning electron microscopy, EDX, Raman and infrared spectroscopy. The SEM images of paraotwayite show a mesh like structure with many pores. This leads to the suggestion of a paragenetic relationship between otwayite and paraotwayite in which the carbonate is replaced by sulphate. Raman and infrared spectroscopy shows otwayite to contain predominantly carbonate with some sulphate and the paraotwayite sulphate with some carbonate.


nickel carbonateotwayitegaspeiteraman and infrared spectroscopysulphate