Original paper

Magnesian wolframite from hydrothermal quartz veins in the Rochovce granite exocontact, Ochtina, Western Carpathians, Slovakia

Ferenc, Štefan; Uher, Pavel


Magnesian wolframite with Mg-rich ferberite to MgWO4 dominated wolframite member ("magnesiowolframite") compositions occur in hydrothermal quartz veins in Permian metasandstones and phyllites near Ochtiná, Slovenské Rudohorie Mts., Central Slovakia. Wolframite is associated with scheelite, molybdenite, pyrite, rarely chalcopyrite, barite, calcite and white mica. It forms subhedral to anhedral brown to black crystals or aggregates (up to 2 cm large) extensively replaced by scheelite and commonly only 5 to 20μm irregular remnants are preserved. Wolframite contains 2.7 to 7.8 wt.% MgO (20-58 mol.% "magnesiowolframite", 35-64 mol.% ferberite and 7-16 mol.% hübnerite). The origin of the hydrothermal mineralization is connected with intrusion of the Cretaceous Rochovce granite enriched in W-Mo, whereas the exceptionally high Mg content in wolframite is inferred to be derived from adjacent Mg-rich metamorphic rocks, mainly metabasalts.


wolframite"magnesiowolframite"magnesian ferberiteochtinaslovakia