Original paper

Eclarite and associated Bi sulfosalts from the Brezno-Hviezda occurrence (Nizke Tatry Mts, Slovak Republic)

Pršek, Jaroslav; Ozdín, Daniel; Sejkora, Jiří


An association of Bi sulphosalts was identified at the Hviezda Locality in the Nizke Tatry Mountains. The following sulphosalts were identified: Eclarite (Cu1.2Fe0.23Pb8.00Ag0.11Bi11.15Sb1.73S28.59) and following unit cell parameters a = 54.610 (5), b = 4.0251 (4), c = 22.644 (2) and V = 4977,3 (6), kobellite (Cu1.59Fe0.49Pb10.31Ag0.16Bi11.61Sb3.93S35..07), tintinaite, galenobismutite, cosalite, nuffieldite, Bi - bearing jamesonite and various members of the bismuthinite-aikinite series (bismuthinite, pekoite, gladite and krupkaite). All sulfosalts occur in three main associations. The first one with Sb dominated members, the second one with eclarite, kobellite, nuffieldite and others, and the third one with bismuthinite-aikinite derivative exsolutions. All Bi - sulphosalts contain significant amounts of antimony.


slovakiahviezdabismuth sulphosaltkobelliteeclaritebismuthinite-aikinite derivatives