Original paper

Application of the Vis-NIR Avaspec-2048 portable automatic spectrometer to distinguish GEM quality materials

Bernini, Diego; Caucia, Franca; Boiocchi, Massimo


This study is aimed to obtain a portable instrumentation that can be used to distinguish among different gem quality materials after considering their light-matter interaction. The instrumentation is mainly based on the Avaspec-2048 fiber optic spectrometer produced by the Dutch company Avantes. This equipment is able to work in the UV-VIS-NIR wavelengths range and has been utilized for various purposes: to measure absorbance within ultraviolet, visible and near infrared range, to measure irradiance, to study the optical features of LED and thin films and for much more.We have used this instrument to analyze the VIS-NIR spectra of gems and it shows good potentials also for gemological purposes. Therefore, our study is a preliminary analysis focused on the aspects that affect the gemological application of this technique and also a discussion on some changes that deliver a significant improvement to its operability.


vis-nir spectroscopyportable instrumentlow temperature spectroscopygem materialsred garnetrubyemeraldgreen spinel