Original paper

Interdisciplinary note on the etymology of mineral names derived from avian species

Krickl, Robert


There are several mineral names whose etymology is connected with birds. Very few are named directly in allusion to some avian species - a similarity in colour being the most popular reason. In other cases, there is an “indirect“ naming, i.e. the mineral were named to honour a person or a locality whose name is in turn derived from a species or group of birds. Beside a concise review, a comprehensive analysis of the etymology of parwanite and motukoreaite is given: Both minerals are named after their type locality whose name is in turn most probably derived from birds belonging to the families Artamidae (butcherbirds) and Harmatopodidae (oystercatchers), respectively, and not to Corvidae (crows) and Phalacrocoracidae (cormorants) as hitherto suggested or reported in the literature.