Original paper

High resolution X-ray diffraction data of pirssonite from Searles Lake, San Bernardino County, California

Callegari, Athos Maria; Boiocchi, Massimo


The crystal chemistry of pirssonite: CaNa2(CO3)2·2H2O; has been re-evaluated on the basis of high resolution X-ray diffraction data collected on a single crystal from the type locality. Pirssonite is orthorhombic with a = 11.3285(3), b = 20.0579(4), c = 6.0313(1) Å; V = 1370.47(5) Å3, non-centrosymmetric space group Fdd2, Z = 8.The original crystal-structure determination of pirssonite is confirmed and the crystallographic results obtained on a natural sample have been compared with the available data of literature. The new structure refinement converges to a final Robs value of 0.0246 for 3768 reflections with I/σ(I) ≥ 3 and allows an accurate description of the crystal structure.


pirssonitecrystal structurehydrogen bondshydrated carbonate