Original paper

U, Th and REE content of heavy minerals from beach sand samples of Sithonia Peninsula (northern Greece)

Papadopoulos, A.; Christofides, G.; Koroneos, A.; Hauzenberger, C.


The concentrations of U, Th and REE of the heavy minerals (zircon, monazite, apatite, garnet, epidote, allanite) separated from beach sand samples of Sithonia Peninsula exhibiting elevated levels of whole sample natural radioactivity were determined by using LA-ICP-MS. Aiming to identify the minerals that control both the REE content and the levels of natural radioactivity of the beach sands, an estimation of the contribution of each mineral constituent to the whole rock REE and natural radioactivity levels is attempted. The available data of whole rock U and Th concentrations were also used to trace the effects of alteration and elemental mobility during weathering and transport to the coast. Moreover, they were used to evaluate the relationship between REE and U and Th concentrations of the beach sands of Sithonia Peninsula and their parental rocks, the adjacent granitoid rocks of the Sithonia Plutonic Complex.


radioactive mineralsuraniumbeach sandsla-icp-msthoriumnatural radioactivity