Original paper

Cr-V oxides in metamorphic rocks, Lake Baikal, Russia

Koneva, A.A.


Some rare Cr-V and Cr-V-Ti oxide minerals in association with rutile from metamorphic rocks, Lake Baikal, Russia, have been studied by electron-microprobe analysis. All minerals show a considerable substitution of V for Cr. Extensive ranges of solid solution between eskolaite and karelianite, schreyerite and olkhonskite were noted. The rare V-Ti-oxide berdesinskiite, reported here for the second time, contains high and variable Cr content, to form solid solution series V2TiO5-Cr2TiO5. Two unknown phases - (Cr,V)2Ti2O7 and (Cr,V)2Ti4O11 were identified.


eskolaitekarelianiteschreyeriteolkhonskiteberdesinskiitechromiumvanadiumlake baikal