Original paper

Optical and EPR spectra of Ti3+ in lamprophyllite from Kola Peninsula, Russia

Reddy, B.J.; Yamauchi, Jun; Reddy, Y.P.; Ravikumar, R.V.S.S.N.; Chandrasekhar, A.V.; Venkataramanaiah, M.


Optical and EPR studies on lamprophyllite, originated from Kola Peninsula, Russia are presented. Optical absorption spectrum of the sample consists of three broad bands at 1460, 1140 and 840 nm due to Ti3+ ion in distorted octahedral crystal field. The parameters evaluated from the observed data are Dq = 877, Ds = -1426 and Dt = 1525 cm-1, which suggest the presence of Ti3+ in the mineral in axially elongated octahedral coordination. The broad unresolved EPR spectrum with g = 1.996 is due to Ti3+ and two weak signals observed at liquid nitrogen temperature in the low magnetic field with g values 2.648 and 3.473 may indicate the presence of Fe3+ as impurity.