Original paper

Buttgenbachite from Bisbee, Arizona, USA: a single-crystal X-ray study

Hibbs, David E.; Leverett, Peter; Williams, Peter A.


The single-crystal X-ray structure of a buttgenbachite (supposedly connellite) crystal from the Cole shaft, Bisbee, Arizona, USA has been determined at room temperature. The basic framework of the structure is the same as has been previously reported, except for a different pattern of substitution of chloride at the origin and variation in nitrate and chloride occupancies in the channels in the structure that accommodate these ions. No sulfate could be detected in the structure, which extends the range of stoichiometries and structural variants of the connellite-buttgenbachite series. A formula derived from the structure analysis for this particular specimen is Cu36Cl8.1(NO3)(OH)62.9·5.5H2O.


buttgenbachitebisbeex-ray structure