Original paper

Raman spectroscopy of lead sulphate-carbonate minerals - implications for hydrogen bonding

Frost, Ray L.; Kloprogge, J. Theo; Williams, Peter A.


The Raman spectrum of the basic carbonate-sulphate minerals known as leadhillite, susannite and caledonite have been measured and the spectra compared with the Raman spectra of cerussite, hydrocerussite and anglesite. Characteristic spectral patterns are observed for each mineral. The wavenumber position of the hydroxyl stretching bands is used to estimate the hydrogen bond distances in the minerals. The hydrogen bond distances for leadhillite polymorphs vary from 2.783 to 2.916 Å. In comparison the estimated hydrogen bond distances for hydrocerussite are much longer with values of 2.961 and 3.127 Å. The width of the hydroxyl stretching vibration provides an estimate of the variation of hydrogen bond distances for the OH groups in the mineral. The variation in bond length is greater for the longer hydrogen bonds. Characteristic sulphate and carbonate vibrations are also identified.


leadhillitesusannitecaledonitemacphersonitecerussitehydrocerussiteraman spectroscopy