Original paper

Boron adsorption by aluminium hydroxides in the presence of atrazine

Prodromou, Konstantinos P.


The amorphous aluminium hydroxides adsorbed B, forming complexes with boric acid or borate ion. In the presence of atrazine (2 ml) in the equilibrium solution the aluminium hydroxides adsorbed 42.1% more B. In the presence of double quantity of atrazine (4ml) the B adsorption increased to 43.4%. In all cases, the maximum of B adsorption took place at the equilibrium time of 4 h. The experimental data indicate that it is possible to form complexes (Al–OH–atrazine–B) on the active sites (Al–OH) of amorphous aluminium hydroxides. Boron adsorption data conformed well to the Freundlich isotherm.


aluminum hydroxidesboronatrazine